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For all inquiries, please write to the following email address:

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We are interested in partnering with others in the following ways.

Link Exchanges - If you have a site with content, products or services for people interested in learning languages we propose to display a link to your site in return for a link to our site. Your link will displayed on the following page: http://www.travelphrase.com/partners.html along with our other partners. If you are interested, please post the following link and brief description to your site and email us with the same thing for your page.

TravelPhrase.com (http://www.travelphrase.com) - Useful phrases for making the most of your travels organized into 20 categories such as conversation, transportation, shopping, making friends, etc. Translations from English to Spanish, German, French, Italian and Swedish.

Page Improvements - Are there useful phrases that we have missed? Did you see any mistakes on our pages? If so, please let us know. We are particularly interested in working with native speakers of non-English languages. If you are a translator, tour guide or other professional that would benefit from exposure on Travel Phrase we are open to advertising in return for your help.



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